Inspiration in the Bible

An Orthodox Perspective

The conference title “The Text and its Interpretation between al-waHy and al-tanzil” refers first of all to a theological problematic fundamentally linked to Christian-Muslim dialogue. Both Arabic terms are indistinctly rendered in European languages by the words inspiration and/or revelation (see for instance Wehr and Corriente). In this contribution, I shall opt for the Arabic term al-waHy as having the semantic field and background of the Latin term inspiratio and the Greek theópneustos (2 Tim 3:16; or the late theological term émpneusis) in order to point out the peculiarities of the Orthodox understanding of inspiration in contrast to the Muslim doctrine of at-tanzil. For more...

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Inspiration in the Bible. An Orthodox Perspective, in: The Text and its Interpretation between al-waHy and al-tanzil. Ghazir Seminary Press, p. 127-135.