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"Show me the icons that you venerate, that I may be able to understand your faith."  St. John of Damascus


Arabic Icons

Arabic Icon  (Surrounded by the words of his hymn in Arabic).   Balamand Icon (Arabic Inscriptions)   Icon from Damascus (Syria), 19th c., attributed to Iconographer Ne'meh Naser Homsi.
Greek Icons
Greek Icon(With English Inscriptions), Iconograher Photios Kontoglou from Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Brookline, MA, USA   Greek Icon of Saints John and Ephrem the Syrians, source unknown   Icon from Skete of St. Anne, early 14th c, Wood, egg tempera, 40 x 29 cm, Hellenic Ministry of Culture
Icon from Skete of St. Anne, early 14th c, Wood, egg tempera, 40 x 29 cm, Hellenic Ministry of Culture    
Theophanes of Crete (16c.) IconSaint John with Sts. Theophanys the Great and Theodosios Koinoviarchsi. Location: Stavronikita Monastery.   Cretan Icon 17c. by Emanuel Zarfounares.   Anagnostos Michael Chomatzas Iconof St. John of Damascus (c. 1734). Location Chios Medieval Musem, Greece.
 Georgian Icons
Georgian Orthodox Church, XIII century, with st. Maxim
Russian Icons
Novgorod Russian Icon of Sts. John Climacus, John Damascene, and Arsenios the Great
  Russia, 20 c. Moscow   Another Russian Icon
 Manuscript Icons
Icon from Codex in Iviron Monastery,(Music Manuscripts Papadike 1686 Iviron Monastery, Cod. 970 Paper, 22.5 x 14.6 cm, ff. 345 (+1) Scribe: Kosmas Iviritis the Macedonian, Hellenic  Ministry of Culture   Icon from Docheiariou Monastery,Music Manuscripts Anthologia 1760 Docheiariou Monastery, Cod. 332 Paper, 21.5 x 16.5 cm, ff. 580 Scribe: Paisios, hieromonk, Hellenic  Ministry of Culture   Icon from Codex 380 Xyropotamou Monastery. Music Manuscript Papadike 1759. John of Damascus barefooted
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