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MA of Applied Orthodox Theology


The Saint John of Damascus Institute of Theology offers, in coordination with the Antiochian House of Studies, an M.A. in applied Orthodox Theology to students who have successfully completed 24 credits of course work and an M.A. thesis. Applicants to the program must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Theology. Majors in other disciplines, holding a Bachelor’s degree can be considered, provided completion 36 credits of the St Stephen Diploma in Theology or their equivalent.

The 24 credit requirement for graduation includes 15 credits of required course work TH 511, 520, 531, 532, 540; 6 credits in applied work PR 592 and 593; and 3 credits in research Methodology MEM 300. The M.A. thesis of 50 to 75 pages will be counted as 6 credits.

Course Description

TH 511 Advanced course in Doctrine Credits: 3

Here, the student comes to an understanding of the Orthodox approach to the mystery of the Holy Trinity, i.e., a personal encounter between the believer and community of believers with the three hypostases of the Godhead.

TH 520 Canon Law Credits: 3            

Introducing the student to Orthodox Canon Law, it provides grounding in the basics of their implementation and the spirit of their application. It also provides an overview of the Key concepts of economia and akriveia.

TH 531 Pastoral Theology I  Credits: 3

This course provides the student with an introduction to the theory and practice of pastoral theology in the context of the faith of the Orthodox Church.

TH 532 Pastoral Theology II  Credits: 3

Building on the first course in pastoral theology, this course examines a variety of “case study” applications of the pastoral method in an Orthodox context.

TH 540 Spirituality Credits: 3

This course introduces the student to a sample of literature concerning Orthodox Spirituality, and emphasizes its organic connection to correct dogma, and proper practice of the faith.

PR 592 Pastoral Project I Credits: 3

Under the direction of the student’s pastor or other appropriate ecclesiastical authority, the student designs and executes an educational project approved by the St Stephen’s Program project coordinator. At the conclusion of the project, the student submits materials designed to enable the project coordinator to assess the success of the student regarding the project.

PR 593 Pastoral Project II Credits: 3

Under the guidance of the student’s pastor or other appropriate ecclesiastical authority, the student conducts one or more pastoral activities. At their conclusion, the overseer submits an assessment of the student’s implementation of the project in its pastoral context.

MEM 300 Research Methodology Credits: 3

This course intends to familiarize the students with all the components of research. Students will be asked to analyze papers, articles, and theses in order to acquire a critical approach to the different steps in writing a research.

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