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University Officers

Salem, Elie, President
Nahas, Georges, Vice President of the University
Karam, Nadim, Vice President for Health Affairs and Community Development
Bashour, Talih, Honorary Vice President for Medical Affairs in the US
Najjar, Michel, Vice President for Development and Public Affairs
Father Porphyrios Georgi, Dean
Moubayed, Walid, Dean of Admissions and Registration


Institute Staff

Father Porphyrios Georgi, Dean, Ph.D. Program Director
Archimandrite Jacques Khalil, M.Th. Program Coordinator
Archimandrite Jacques El-Khoury Student Life Affairs Director
Father Hareth Ibrahim, Director of St Joseph of Damascus Centre for Manuscripts’ Conservation
Father Gibran Lati, Personnel Office and Publications
Father Bassam Nassif, Al-Kalima Program Coordinator and Institute Secretary
Deacon Nectarios Najjar Assistant Registrar
Ayuch, Daniel, CBB and SOFIA Program Coordinator
Azar, Ralph Secretary of the Dean
Al-Chami, Ghassan, Social Security and Reception
Najm, Simon, Assistant Librarian
Hanna, Gilbert, Secretary of the Dean
Nassar, Alexandra, Library Circulation and Assistant Accountant
Yaakoub, Rachad, Maintenance and Purchasing


Full Time Faculty Members

Father Porphyrios Georgi, Ph.D., Dogmatic Theology, Aristotelian University, Thessaloniki,Greece
Archimandrite Jack Khalil, Ph.D., New Testament, Aristotelian University, Thessaloniki, Greece
Archimandrite Jacques El-Khoury, Ph.D., Patristics, Aristotelian University, Thessaloniki, Greece
Archimandrite Parthenios Allaty, Ph.D., Oriental Canon Law , Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome
Archimandrite Romanos Al-Hannat Ph.D., Byzantine Music, Aristotelian University, Thessaloniki, Greece
Father Bassam Nassif, D. Min., Pastoral Care and Marriage Counselling, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, USA
Ayuch, Daniel, Ph.D., Theology and Biblical Studies, Wilhelm University of Muenster, Germany
Najm, Simon, M.Th., Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Boston, USASaint John of Damascus Institute of Theology 3


Part-Time Faculty Members

Metropolitan PAUL (Yazigi), Ph.D., Patristics, Aristotelian University, Thessaloniki,Greece
Metropolitan BASILIOS (Mansour), Ph.D., Church History, Aristotelian University, Thessaloniki,Greece
Metropolitan EPHREM (Kyriakos), Bachelor of Divinity, University of Balamand, Lebanon
Bishop DEMETRIOS (Sharback), Ph.D., Dogmatics & Ecumenical Studies, AristotelianUniversity, Thessaloniki, Greece
Bishop ELIA (Toume), Ph.D., Islamic and Religious Studies, Aristotelian University,Thessaloniki, Greece
Bishop CONSTANTINE (Kayyal), Ph.D., Liturgics, Aristotelian University, Thessaloniki,Greece
Archimandrite Silouan Oner, Ph.D., Homiletics, Aristotelian University, Thessaloniki,Greece
Archimandrite Alexis Nassour, Ph.D., Church Art, Aristotelian University, Thessaloniki,Greece
Archimandrite Moses Al-Khasi, Ph.D., Biblical Studies, Aristotelian University, Thessaloniki,Greece
Archimandrite Maxim Jamal, M.Th., Canon Law, Aristotelian University, Thessaloniki,Greece
Father Ibrahim Chahine, M.A., Law and Arabic Literature, Lebanese University,Lebanon
Father George Massouh, Ph.D., Islamology, Pontifical Institute of Arabic and IslamicStudies, Rome, Italy
Father Romanos Gibran, Diploma in Byzantine Music, Zoodhakho Pigii Institute,Greece
Father Gebran Allaty, Teaching Diploma in Arabic Language and Literature,Lebanese University.
Fr. Philippe Said, M.Th., St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary,U.S.A.
Monk Gregorios (Estephan), Ph. D., Dogmatic Theology, Aristotelian University,Thessaloniki, Greece
Abdallah, Feyrouz, B.A.,Teaching Diploma, Arabic Literature, LebaneseUniversity.
Attieh, Samira B.Th., Aristotelian University, Thessalonoki,Greece.
Chikhani, Hadia, M.A., English Literature, University of Balamand, Lebanon.
Hanna, Gilbert, Diploma in Byzantine Music, Zoodhakho Pigii Institute,Greece
Jreijge, Jocelyne M.S., Computer Science, University of Balamand, Lebanon.
Kanaan, Marlène, Doctorat des lettres, Philosophy, Université Saint Joseph,Lebanon.
Khoury, Seraphim M.Th., Canon Law, Aristotelian University, Thessalonoki,Greece.
Rbeiz, Imad, M.A., Educational Psychology, American University ofBeirut, Lebanon
Nabti, Zeina, M.A., English Language and Literature, University ofBalamand4 Saint John of Damascus Institute of Theology
Saab, Adib Ph.D., Religious Studies,University of London U.K.
Saba, Juliette M.A., English,University of York, U.K.
Slim, Souad Ph.D., History, Paris IV, FrancePh.D., Islamology, Birmingham, U.K.
Tabchoury, Bassam Master of Engineering, American University of Beirut,Lebanon.


Visiting Professor

Fr. Michel Najim, Th.D., Patristics, Aristotelian University, Thessaloniki, Greece

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