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Faculty Profiles

His Eminence Metropolitan Paul Yazigi
Professor of Ethics

His Grace Bishop Demetri Sharbak
Professor of Ecumenical Studies

His Grace Bishop Elia Toumeh
Professor of Christian Muslim Studies

His Grace Bishop Costa Kayyal
Assistant Professor of Liturgics

Father Porphyrios (Fadi) Georgi
Associate Professor of Dogmatic Theology
Dr. Georgi’s research in early Christianity, late Byzantine theology, and contemporary Orthodox thought has been inspired by his interest in interpreting the Orthodox dogma and patristic teachings in a pluralistic, culturally complex world. His research interests include Christian ecumenical discussions and Arabic literature. Fadi maintains an active interest in Islamic Culture and religion. He has been a member of the faculty since 2006. (Read Faculty CV)

Daniel Ayuch
Professor of New Testament and of Classical Greek
Dr. Ayuch is concerned with reading the New Testament not only to rediscover the roots of the Antioch, but also to help students navigate the Enlightenment and modern critical thought. His research is based on linguistic and narrative text analysis and his fields of interest include the Lukan Diptych, the Synoptic Gospels, and the Early Jewish Wisdom in inter-testamentarian literature. He has been a member of the faculty since 2000. (Read Faculty CV)

Fr Bassam Nassif
Assistant Professor in Pastoral Theology
As a pastor in the Antiochian Orthodox Church, Rev. Dr. Bassam Nassif is concerned with integrating the pastoral theology of the Orthodox Church with the research and experience of the human sciences, leading to the formation of a therapeutic pastoral care approach. Rev. Nassif‘s aim is to deal with modern challenges facing the Church in a pluralistic and secularized world. Building on scientific research and on the rich tradition of the church, he endeavors to offer a modern approach to pastoral care leading to the righteousness of modern man. He joined the faculty in 2005. (Read Faculty CV)

Archimandrite Jack Khalil
Associate Professor of New Testament
A young Orthodox biblical scholar, Archimandrite Jack Khalil specializes in the exegesis of St. Paul. His Book on Pauline Soteriology, published in Greece (2004) and adopted as a text book at Aristotle University of Thessalonica since 2005, provided a ground-breaking study of the still hotly debated theme of Justification and Reconciliation by Faith in the Pauline Corpus. Archimandrite Jack is the author of various articles in different languages contributing to Pauline scholarship, as well as the interpretation of the New Testament, and has been invited to read in several Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant faculties worldwide as a visiting professor. He joined the faculty in 2000.

After receiving a Licentiate in Business administration, Archimandrite Prof. Jack Khalil joined the St John of Damascus Institute of Theology – University of Balamand, from where he receiveda Bachelor of Theology degree in 1998. In the same year, he began his postgraduate studies in the exegesis of the New Testament at the Aristotle University of Thessalonica Theological School, and from 1999 till 2002 he followed courses and seminars as Visiting Fellow at the Eberhard-Karls-Universität, in Tübingen, Germany.His doctoral thesis, defended at the Aristotle University – Thessaloniki (2003), deals with the soteriological teaching of St Paul, examining mainly the doctrine of Justification and Reconciliation by faith in relation to the Last Judgment. He has been Lecturer in Biblical exegesis in Balamand University - Lebanon (2000-2004), then Assistant Professor (2005) then Associate Professor (2011). He is also a Professor at the Lebanese University, and has been visiting Professor in many Orthodox Theological Faculties and Institutes over the world, e.g. University of Thessaloniki, IOCS (Cambridge) and St. Serge (Paris).).

His research interests focus on the Pauline Corpus and the Johannine Writings, and deal with issues of theology, ethics and salvation. Archimandrite Jack Khalil is equally concerned with translating the New Testament. His Thesis, after being approved unanimously with Highest Distinction, was published in the most specialized series for biblical research in Greece (Bibliotheca Biblica, #30) under the title Justification – Reconciliation – Final Judgment in Romans: A Contribution to Pauline Soteriology. His book is admitted since 2005 as a requested reference both in Balamand and Aristotle University - Thessaloniki. Many of his studies were published in revues and edited volumes, in English, French, Greek, Bulgarian, Estonian and Arabic.

Archimandrite Jack Khalil is a member of the Biblical Federation in Lebanon and the Middle East, the Hellenic Society of Biblical Studies, the Revision Committee of the van-Dyck–Boustani Bible Arabic Translation, the Committee for translating the Liturgical texts in the Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch, and he is also the Orthodox representative in the WCC Continuation Committee on “Ecumenism in the 21st Century”, and Church representative of the Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East in the Committee of the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches for the Collaboration with the United Bible Societies. He is an ordained priest of the Orthodox Church (Patriarchate of Antioch) and holds the clerical rank of Archimandrite. (Read Faculty CV)

Fr Ibrahim Chahine
Lecturer in Canon Law
Fr. Ibrahim Chahine, who joined the faculty in 1986, brings over 20 years of teaching experience to the field of cannon law. He was the president of the Primary Spiritual Court of Archdiocese of Greek Orthodox in Tripoli for more than 20 years and now as Councilor of the Spiritual Patriarchal Court of Greek Orthodox in Lebanon. Among his books are You and the Law containing three volumes which talks about personal conditions of the Greek Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim sects, and volume IV contains judgments and religious interpretations of the Primary Spiritual Court of Archdiocese of Greek Orthodox in Tripoli.

Marlène Kanaan
Professor of Philosophy and Civilizations
Dr. Kanaan joined Balamand in 1989. Specializing in and teaching contemporary French philosophy, she also teaches general philosophy, ancient Greek philosophy, and medieval and modern philosophy, and taught for many years in the Civilization Sequence Program. She is interested in French and Arabic literature, the history of civilizations, the history of the Church, and the patristic and the spocryphal literature. Author of numerous studies, Dr. Kanaan is a member in various international associations such as Les Rencontres Nationales de Patristique- France, the Association pour l’Étude de la Littérature Apocryphe Chrétienne (AELAC)- Suisse, the Union des Philosophes Arabes, etc.

Fr. Romanos Jibran
Lecturer in Byzantine Music
Fr. Jibran is a leading chorist in the Antiochian Orthodox Church. He has established several choirs in various parishes. His method of teaching is based on conveying to the students theoretical knowledge as well as practical performance.

Fr Maxim Jamal
Lecturer in Canon Law

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