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Admission Requirements

In order to benefit from this program in concordance with expectations, the admission requirements of the Institute are as following:

1. Holding the Lebanese Secondary Certificate or its equivalent.

 2. Be at least 21 years of age.

 3. ARAB 102 level in the University Arabic placement tests.

 4. ENGL 101 level in the University English placement tests.

 The Institute’s Admission Committee examines the applications based upon the applicant’s CV, in addition to the following documents:

       a. Extract of the Registers or copy of the Identity Card

       b. The Lebanese Secondary Certificate or its equivalent

       c. Copies of university degrees if available

       d. Two passport photos

       e. A letter of recommendation from the bishop of the parish to which the applicant belongs

       f. Application form

       g. A letter stating the reasons for applying for study at the Institute


The committee recommends admission to the Institute Council after meeting the applicant in a one on one interview, and after the applicants’ results in the entrance examinations are issued by the Registrar.

 Since September 2011 a Preparatory Year has been added an initiation to the B.Th. curriculum for those applicants, who, according to the Admission Committee, still need a period of training and experience.  Preparatory Year students need to be admitted as undergraduate students at the end of their program according to their results and performance

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