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Biography of Archimandrite Nikolaos Hatzinikolaou


  • A Graduate from the Physics Department of the University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Master's degree in Astrophysics from Harvard University in Boston.
  • Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT in Boston.
  • Master's degree of Theological Studies from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology.
  • Master's degree of Theology from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Boston.
  • Doctoral Degree from Harvard University. Specialized in Biomedical Engineering (Bio-fluid dynamics).
  • Worked as research fellow for various hospitals in Boston and as a consultant in space medical technology for Arthur D. Little and NASA.
  • In January 1998, went to Mount Athos, and since May 1990 served as a priest-monk at the Athonite Metochion of Ascension in Athens.
  • Teaches the course "Hemodynamics Pathophysiology of Vascular Diseases" at the Medical School of Crete.
  • Since 1992, Director of the Hellenic Center for Biomedical Ethics.
  • Appointed a few months ago as President of the Bioethics Committee of the Church of Greece.

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