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Chrysostom’s Unveiling of a New Ethos

The Social-Action Teaching in His Four Sermons on Luke 16:19-31

“It is on purpose that I am lingering on this parable, and am not leaving it  although this is the fourth day, since I see that a great benefit comes from this  discussion for both rich and poor,” says Chrysostom in his fourth sermon on  the parable of the rich man and Lazarus trying to explain why he has taken so long in interpreting an apparently easy text (PG 48:1008). Four days for one parable is a long time. Even Chrysostom acknowledges it. Yet, in these four sermons Chrysostom reveals the quintessence of his social-action teaching and,  therefore, considers it worthy of the amount of time taken to explain such an important issue. For more...

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Chrysostom’s Unveiling of a New Ethos. The Social-Action Teaching in His Four Sermons on Luke 16:19-31, in: Dumitrascu, Nicu (ed), Teologie Si Societate, Universitatea Din Oradea Facultatea De Teologie Ortodoxa. Oradea University press: Oradea, p. 24 - 43.

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