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Opening of the New Academic Year


St. John of Damascus Faculty of Theology - University of Balamand

Sunday Evening, September 30, 2001




In the occasion of the new Academic Year 2001-2 at the Institute, A Vespers was celebrated at the Church of Our Lady of Balamand at 7:00 PM, September 30, 2001. The Vespers was followed by the Service of the Blessing of Water. His Eminence Metropolitan Elias (Kurban) presided  over both services in the presence of the students, faculty members and staff of the Insitute, and other dignitaries: His Excellency Dr. ELie Salem, President of the University of Balamand, Dr. Walid Moubayed, Dean of Admissions, Dr. Naiim Rouadi, Interim Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science, Mr. George Fiani, Assitant Dean of ALBA, Mr. Elias Bou Chahin, Member of the University Board of Trusties, and Archimandrite Pentelimon Farah, Abbot of the Monastery of Our Lady of Hamatoura.

His Eminence Metropolitan Elias (Kurban) 
Presiding over the Service of the Blessing of Water

His Eminence Metropolitan Elias (Kurban) spoke in the occasion: "We are in this blessed evening celebrating the feast of St. Ananias, one of the Seventy, along with St. Romanos the Melodist. We know that this Apostle has played an important role in this history of the church. He baptized the Apostle Paul. When  "Saul" was coming from Jerusalem to Damascus  to persecute the church, the Lord appeared to him on the gates of Damascus. He asked Him: " Who are you?" And the Lord answered: " I am the one whom you persecute." From that moment his life was transformed from a persecutor to an evangelizer. He accepted to be baptized on the hands of Ananias. We know about the great role that the Apostle Paul played in spreading the word of God in the world. 

We also celebrate today the memory of St. Romanos the Melodist whose hymns have thrilled us (We take this occasion to congratulate Archdeacon Romanos present with us on his name day).

This a blessed night in which we ask God to send down His Grace upon us in the beginning of this Academic Year. This Institute provides a great support to the Church here and abroad. We put great hopes on it. The Institute is - if Dr. Elie permits- the heart of the University. It is the first faculty that appeared on this hill. God Willing, it will remain as the heart of the University. We are in great need of you my beloved. 

His Beatitude presided over the last Commencement. He is the father of the Balamand community and the establisher of all its institutions. He founded this Institute and cared for the Monastery. He also built the High School and this prestigious University with high academic level of excellence, of which we are proud. During the last Commencement, fourteen students graduated from this Institute. The Church is in great need of many graduates to serve everywhere. We need priests who are not just pious, but also educated. We live in a period of many scientific discoveries, and also in a time of dialogue among Christians and Muslims. This dialogue started when Islam appeared, and it will continue, since there is nothing else to be done in these days when men started to destroy the universe.

We miss our brother, His Grace Bishop Yuhanna, the new Dean of the Institute. We know him as a Dean when he was years ago, and he gave a lot to this institute. He is well equipped to make this Institute grow further during his time. We also miss His Eminence Metropolitan of Aleppo, the former Dean, who gave a lot to this Institute.

The prayers of His Beatitude the Patriarch are with us.

We thank the presence of all brothers (Archimandrites and priests).

We thank the presence among us of Dr. Elie Salem, thepresident of the Institue, and Mr. ELias Bou Chahin and the Deans.

We are one complex in this place. It is a beacon and it will remain a place of light and knowledge, the knowledge of the word. We emphasize on the study  of Scripture. 

We ask  the Almighty God to grant His Beatitude, and you also, Many Years.

The Grace of our Lord be with you always. Amen."

After the service, the invited guests sat in the Salon and congratulated the Institute with the New Academic Year.




Commencement At Balamand

Commencement Ceremonies 
at the University of  Balamand

In the Presence and High Patronage of 
His Beatitude IGNATIUS IV
Patriarch of Antioch and All the East
Founder of the University

Monday, July 16, 2001

commencement0701Thirteen Graduates 
               from St. John of Damascus Faculty of Theology:

Deacon Ignatius Samaan
Deacon Elias Toumeh
Deacon Younes Younes
Deacon Dimitri Sharbak
Deacon Ephrem Toumeh
Deacon Victor of Argentina
Deacon Alexis Nassour
Deacon Semaan Dib
Rami Haydosian
George Ailan
Brother Andraos Morcos
Wassim Nehmeh
Therese Estephan


The Service of the Blessing of Water in the Occasion of the New Academic Year 2000/1

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

His Eminence Metropolitan Elias (Kurban) Presiding over the Service of the Blessing of Water

" O Lord Save Thy People and Bless Thine Inheritance..."






Below: Their Eminences Members of the Holy Synod of Antioch and Their Graces Auxiliary Bishops, along with the Choir St. John of Damascus Faculty of Theology

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The Official Dinner in the Occasion of the New Academic Year 2000/1

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

Some of the Students
Professors & Teachers
And Employees.

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