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Visiting St. John of Damascus Faculty of Theology

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- The Arrival of His Beatitude
   Archbishop Christodoulos to
   Balamand, Lebanon.
Pages 1 - 2

- Thanksgiving Prayer at the
   Church of Our Lady of

Pages 3 - 4

- Meeting of the Holy Synod of
  Antioch with His Beatitude

Pages 5 - 6

- Official Lunch and Press
Page 7

- At the High School of
Page 8

- At the University of
Pages 9 

- At the School of Theology.
Pages 10 - 11 - 12


Page 10

Giving Lecture on "Theology." In the middle of the first row, His Beatitude Ignatius IV

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Distributing Evlogia, blessings to students and staff

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Unforgettable Moment of  Fellowship ...
His Beatitude sings "We Praise Thee, We Bless Thee.." And the Choir, "Axion Estin."

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At the Library of the School of Theology

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