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Prof. Daniel Ayuch

Daniel A. Ayuch, Ph.D.

Professor of New Testament

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T. Work: +961-6-930305 Ext: 4852


June 1998 Ph.D. in Theology. University of Münster. Germany.

Diss: “Sozialgerechtes Handeln als Ausdruck einer eschatologischen Vision” (Socially Just Action as an Expression of an Eschatological Vision)
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Karl Löning

December 1991 Licentiate in Theology. University of Balamand, Balamand. Lebanon.


Teaching Experience

Oct 12  – present: Professor of New Testament
Oct 06 – Sep 12: Associate Professor of NT
Jun 00 – Sep 06: Assistant Professor of NT
At the St. John of Damascus Institute of Theology – UOB
Oct 98 – present: Visiting Lecturer
In different opportunites at: UAIC Romania; FAU Germany; CCS Egypt; USEK Lebanon; UCSE Argentina; UA Lebanon; SPI Lebanon.



Field of Interest

1.      Narrative Analysis for the New Testament Writings

2.      The Bible in Arabic

3.      The Parables of Jesus

4.      Patristic Exegesis

Ongoing Research Projects

1.      A Modern Arabic Translation of the New Testament at the Institute of Theology. Since 2017.

2.      Saint Paul between the Book of Acts and his Epistles. A book project in Spanish. Since 2023.

3.  A Contextual Reading of the Bible in the Middle East today. A book project in Arabic with theologians from different confessions in Lebanon. Since 2023.

Courses Taught

Face-to-Face Courses

Methodology for Graduate and Undergraduate Students

·         New Testament Narrative. MTh.

·         Methodology of New Testament Exegesis. MTh and BTh.

·         Methodology of Research. MTh and PhD.

         Methodology of New Testament Exegesis. MTh and BTh.


New Testament for Undergraduate Students (BTh)

·         Introduction to the New Testament.

·         Interpretation of Matthew and Mark.

·         Interpretation of Luke-Acts.

·         Interpretation of Synoptic Gospels.

·         Interpretation of Synoptic Gospels and Acts.

·         Interpretation of Johannine Writings.

·         Interpretation of Revelation.

·         Interpretation of Acts.

·      Interpretation of Acts and Revelation.

·         Interpretation of First Corinthians.

·         Interpretation of Acts and Catholic Letters.

·         Introduction to New Testament Greek.

·         A Guided Reading of the New Testament.

New Testament for Graduate Students and PhD Candidates

·         The Gospel Passion Narratives. MTh.

·         St Peter and Paul in Acts. MTh.

·         The Fist Expansion of the Gospel in Acts 8-16. MTh.

·         Intertextuality in Acts. PhD.

·         Narrative Analysis and Passion Stories. PhD.

Old Testament for Undergraduate Students

·         Introduction to the Old Testament.

·         Interpretation of Pentateuch and Historical Books.

·         Interpretation of Historical Books.

·         Interpretation of Prophetic Writings.

·         Interpretation of Psalms and Wisdom Literature.

·         Interpretation of Wisdom Writings.

·         A Guided Reading of the Old Testament.


·         Theology and Bible in Antioch. MTh.

·         The Bible in Pastoral Work. MTh.

·         Apocalyptic Literature. BTh.



·         The Gospel of Luke in Greek Orthodox Liturgy. MTh Tutorial Course.

·   Antiochian Manuscripts and Biblical Interpretation. MTh Tutorial in the Field of Concentration.

·         Distinctive Theological Issues in the Synoptic Gospels. MTh Tutorial in the Field of Concentration.

·         Distinctive Theological and Exegetical Topics on the Gospel of Matthew. MTh Tutorial in the Field of Concentration.


·         The Lord’s Prayer and Gospel of Matthew. PhD Tutorial in the Field of Concentration.

·         The Use of the Passive Voice in Greek and Arabic. PhD Tutorial in the Field of Concentration.

Online Courses

New Testament

·         Introduction to the New Testament.

·         Interpretation of Pauline Letters.

·         Interpretation of Matthew and Mark.

·         Interpretation of Luke and Acts.

·         Interpretation of John and Catholic Letters.

·         Interpretation of NT Writings.

Old Testament

·         Introduction to the Old Testament.

·         Interpertation of Deuteronomy.


UOBScholar Hub: rp00142 SCOPUS: 38161594000 

GSCHOLAR: DayuchORCID: 0000-0003-4383-6214 PUBLONS: AAC-9632-2020


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2.  Sozialgerechtes Handeln als Ausdruck einer eschatologischen Vision. Zum Zusammenhang von Offenbarungswissen und Sozialethik in den lukanischen Schlüsselreden (MthA 54), Altenberge: Oros Verlag, 1998, 230 pages. ISBN 3-89375-166-1.

Scholarly Articles

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Book Reviews

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Doctoral Dissertation Committees

2019 Ihab Abou Saadeh. Theology (USEK, Lebanon). Member.
2016 Etienne Méténier. Theology (USEK, Lebanon). Member.
2015 Ekkardt A. Sonntag. Theology (Vrei Universitaeit Amsterdam). Member.


M.Th. Thesis Committees

2024  John Trad. Theology (UOB, Lebanon). Chair.
2023  Nektarios Saad. Theology (UOB, Lebanon). Chair.
2023  Youhanna Skaf. Theology (UOB, Lebanon). Chair.
2023  Ayman Khatoon. Theology (UOB, Lebanon). Advisor.
2023  Elia Daniel. Theology (UOB, Lebanon). Advisor.
2023  Ephraim Melhem. Theology (UOB, Lebanon). Advisor.
2022  Silouan N. Obeid. Theology (UOB, Lebanon). Reader.
2022  Euthymios G. Faqs. Theology (UOB, Lebanon). Chair.
2020 Alexandra Repkina. Theology (UOB, Lebanon). Chair.
2020 Mofid S. Krajili. Theology (NEST, Lebanon). Reader.
2018 Ronald Jabbour. Theology (UOB, Lebanon). Advisor.
2018 Joseph H. Abouid. Theology (UOB Lebanon). Advisor.
2010 Basilios M. Nassar. Theology (UOB Lebanon). Advisor.
2005 Andreas J. Markos. Theology (UOB Lebanon). Advisor.
2004 Samaan El Khoury. Theology (UOB, Lebanon). Reader.
2004 Silouan A. Oner. Theology (UOB, Lebanon). Reader.


Professional Membership

2006 – present    SBL. The Society of Biblical Literature in USA.

2003 - present     OCABS.  The Orthothox Center for the Advancement of Biblical Studies.

2003 - present     The Biblical Federation in Lebanon.

2013 – present    ABA. Asociación Bíblica Argentina.

2022 – present      IOTA. The International Orthodox Theo. Association.


Board Memberships

2018 - present Member. SBL Research UnitSynoptic Gospels (USA).
2008 - 2015 Member. SBL Research UnitBible in Eastern Traditions (USA).
Apr 15 – present Member. Accreditation Committee at the German Agency ACQUIN (Bayreuth, Germany).
Sep 17 - present Reviewer. Revista Bíblica Argentina.
Dec 10 – present Editorial Board MemberOrizonturi Teologice Journal (Romania).
Apr 04 - Sept 10 Editorial Board MemberThe Arabic Journal Biblia (Lebanon).


Professional Training

17 May 2022

ACQUIN Seminar on the New German Statutory Instrument (MRVO for its initials in German).

ACQUIN in Bayreuth.

25 August 2020 Online Education in Times of Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities.

UOB & Safadi.

07 May 2019 ACQUIN Seminar on QA and Digitalization.
University of Bamberg.
23 May 2017 ACQUIN Seminar on Innovations in the European Standards and Guidelines.
University of Munich.
 22 Feb 2017  AUF-MHE 2nd Academic Quality Assurance Workshop: Self-AssessmentTEACHING AND LEARNING.
 2-3 Nov 2016  AUF-MHE 1st Academic Quality Assurance Workshop: Self-AssessmentINTRODUCTION. MANAGEMENT AND HUMAN RESOURCES.
MHE Headquarters.
 31 May 2016  ACQUIN Seminar on Current Topics on Accreditation. 
University of Hamburg.
22 April 2015 ACQUIN Seminar on Revision of the Rules and Regulation of the (German) Accreditation Council 2016.
University of Rhein-Main.
23 June 2014 TLQAA+ WorkshopQuality Reviewers: The Backbone of a Quality Assurance System.
Lebanese University.
06 May 2014 ACQUIN Seminar on System Accreditation.
University of Essen.
13 Dec 2013 ACQUIN Seminar on Quality Enhancement through Internal and External Quality Assurance.
AROQA Conference in Tunis.
05 Dec 2013 Tempus-TLQAA. Towards the Lebanese Quality Assurance Agency Final Conference. 
Feb 13 – June 13 Workshop on Edition of Ancient Arabic Manuscripts.
Certified by CNRS Paris. At: UOB, USJ, USEK, UNL.
13-15 Feb 2013 A Study Visit Tempus-TLQAA to ANECA.
ANECA Headquarters - Madrid
15 Jan 2008 Metrics of Academic Quality in Higher Education. 
09 July 2004 Building Research And Development Partnerships. 

Administrative Appointments

2020 - 2021  M.Th. Program Coordinator. Institute of Theology at UOB.
2013 - present  Accreditation Committee Member. At UOB.
2004 - present Online Program Coordinator. SOFIA and CBB. Two continuing education programs for the study of Orthodox Theology and the Bible at the Institute.
2005 - present Member of the Academic Committee. Institute of Theology at UOB.
2000 - present Member of the Institute’s Council. Institute of Theology at UOB.
2013 -2013 Ph.D. Program Director. Institute of Theology at UOB.
2007 - 2013 Member of the University Curriculum Committee. UOB.
2006 - 2013 Assistant to the Dean for Academic Affairs. Institute of Theology at UOB.
2000 - 2011 M.Th. Program Coordinator. Institute of Theology at UOB.
2001 - 2007 Member of the University Research Council. UOB.


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