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Prof. Daniel Ayuch

Daniel Ayuch


 Biblia y Liturgia Ortodoxa








Daniel Alberto Ayuch

Professor of New Testament

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1998    Ph.D. in Theology, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster (Germany).

1991    B.A. in Theology, UOB, 1991.


Professional Experience

Professor of New Testament, UOB -Theology (2006-present).

Assistant Professor of New Testament, UOB - Theology (2000-2006).

Guest Lecturer of New Testament, Université Antonine (1998-2009).

Guest Lecturer of New Testament, Institute Saint Paul (2001-2005).

Guest Lecturer of New Testament UCSE, Argentina (2004).

Guest Lecturer of New Testament, Pontifical Faculty of Theology, USEK (2007-2009).


Assistant to the Dean for Academic Affairs, UOB (2006-2010).

Master in Theology Program Coordinator, UOB (2000-present).

CBB Online Bible Course General Coordinator, UOB (2004-present).


Dissertations and Theses

1998   Social Action as Expression of an Eschatological Vision. The Relationship between Revealed Knowledge and Social Ethics in three Discourses of Luke-Acts (MthA 54), Altenberge, 230 pages (GERMAN).


Articles in Books

1.      2010 “Body and life in Psalm 16”, in: Chehwan, A. (ed). The Book of Psalms. Man in the Presence of God. (Biblical Studies 43). Biblical Federation: Beirut, p. 165-180 (ARABIC ).

2.      2010 “Theological Education in the Middle East. Major Developments and Challenges”, in: Werner, D. (ed). Handbook of Theological Education in World Christianity. Regnum: Oxford, p. 494-501. (ENGLISH ).

3.      2009 “Inspiration in the Bible. An Orthodox Perspective”, in: The Text and its Interpretation between al-waHy and al-tanzil. Ghazir Seminary Press, p. 127-135 (ENGLISH ).

4.      2008 “The Magnificat (Lk 1:46-55) and the Book of Psalms”, in: Chehwan, A. (ed.), Bible and Liturgy. Festschrift for Fr. John Khawand (Biblical Studies 39). Biblical Federation: Beirut, p. 295-304 (ARABIC ).

5.      2007 “The Narrative Structure of the Gospel according to Mark”, in: Chehwan, A. (ed). The Gospel according to Mark, Beirut, p. 156-167 (ARABIC ).

6.      2007 “Chrysostom’s Unveiling of a New Ethos. The Social-Action Teaching in His Four Sermons on Luke 16:19-31”, in: Dumitrascu, Nicu (ed), Teologie Si Societate, Universitatea Din Oradea Facultatea De Teologie Ortodoxa. Oradea University press: Oradea, p. 24 - 43. (ENGLISH ).

7.      2007 “Rich Roots feed the Branches. The Community of Believers in the Pauline Similitude of the Olive Tree”, in: Massouh, G. (ed.), Face and Grace. A Festschrift to Archbishop George Khodr. Nour Coop: Beirut, p. 147-165. (ARABIC ).

8.      2006 “The Antiochian Patriarchate during the first three centuries: A Source of Faith and Encounter”, a research paper prepared for Kattan, Assad (ed.), The Orthodox Antioch: Thought and Life, UOB Press: Balamand, (ARABIC ).

9.      2006 “The Orthodox and the Protestant Methods for Biblical Exegesis”, in:  Orthodox and Evangelicals in the Arab East, University of Balamand and Near East School of Theology, UOB Press: Balamand, p. 265-285 (ARABIC ).

10.  2005 “Jesus and the Temple between Luke and History. The Role of the Temple in the Lukan Narrative and its Historical Foundations” in: Chehwan, A (ed.), The Historical Jesus (Biblical Studies 29). Beirut, p. 273-288 (ARABIC ).

11.  2004 “Modern Biblical Criticism and the Orthodox Church” in: Chehwan, A (ed.), The Dogmatic Constitution Verbum Dei (Biblical Studies 28). Beirut, p. 203-215 (ARABIC ).

12.  2003 “The Genesis Patriarchs and the Divine Wisdom Gift”, in: Feghali, Paul (ed.), The Book of Genesis and the History of Salvation (Biblical Studies 26). Beirut, p. 337-351 (ARABIC ).

13.  2002 “John the Baptist according to Luke (Lk 3, 1-22) and the Book of Isaiah. Wisdom and Prophecy in Luke-Acts”, in: Studies in the Oriental World and Lebanese history, Festschrift for Fr. Paul Feghali (Imtidad 1). Biblical Federation: Beirut, p. 137-149 (ARABIC ) (GERMAN )

14.  2001 “The Mystery of Wisdom in the Pauline Epistles”, in: Feghali, P. (Ed.), Paul and his Letters (Biblical Studies 23).  Biblical Federation: Beirut, p. 345-357 (ARABIC ).

15.  2001 “Jesus of Nazareth as the Expected Christ”, in: Kattan, Assad, The Infancy Narratives. A Theological, Historical and Literary Reading. Greek-Orthodox Archdiocese of Beirut, Beirut, p. 11-32. (ARABIC ).


Articles in Journals

16.  2009 “The Modern Arabic Translations of the Phrase Possessing the Land in Biblical Hebrew”, in: Collectanea Christiana Orientalia 6. p. 23-43. (SPANISH ).

17.  2008 “The People of God according to Romans 9-11. An Eastern Christian Approach to the Identity of God’s Beloved Olive Tree”, A Lecture for the International Theological Conference Promised Land organized by the WCC and the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches. Bern 10-14 September 2008. Online publication at  (English ).

18.  2006 “Some Comments on the So-called Gospel of Judas”, in: Al-Nahar, Friday 21/4/2006. (ARABIC ) (ENGLISH ) (FRENCH ) (SPANISH ).  

19.  2006 “Wise Men in their Search for the Mysteries of Divine Wisdom. The Magi Narrative in Matthew 2: 1-12”, in: St. John of Damascus Institute of Theology Annals 7. p. 103-114 (ARABIC ).

20.  2006 “The Holy War in the Book of Judges. The Spirit of the Lord defeats the Oppressors”, in: Al-Nashrah Al-Batriarkiah 15 (6, 2006), p. 37-42 (ARABIC ).

21.  2005 “Is 2 Corinthians one Letter or a Letter Collection? Between the Apostle’s composition and the disciples’ editorial work”, in: Al-Nashrah Al-Batriarkiah 14 (8-9, 2005), p. 12-16 (ARABIC ).

22.  2005 “Jesus and the Temple of Jerusalem in Luke: between Narrative and History”, in: Revista Bíblica 67 (3-4, 2005), p. 179-192. (SPANISH ).

23.  2004 “The Throne Instauration in Seven Septenaries. The Macronarrative and its Structure in John’s Revelation”, in: Biblica 85 (2, 2004), p. 255-263 (SPANISH ).

24.  2004 “The Suffering Righteous in the Mesopotamian Literature. The ludlul bel nemeqi Poem and the Book of Job”, in: Biblia 4, p. 43-45 (ARABIC ).

25.  2004 “The Revelation of the Messianic Mystery in Eph 3:1-13. The Apostle of the Gentiles and Early Judaism”, in: Biblia 4, p. 21-23 (ARABIC ).

26.  2003 “Fishermen without Boats and Nests. Applying the Narrative Analysis Method on Lk 5: 1-11”, in: St. John of Damascus Institute of Theology Annals 4-5, p. 153-165 (ARABIC ).

27.  2002 “Antiochian Jews in New Testament Times. The Law, the Greek Culture & the Christian Kerygma”, in: Biblia 16, p. 9-12 (ARABIC ).


Book Reviews

28.  2007 “A Presentation of the New Arabic-Hebrew Old Testament Interlinear”, A Contribution in occasion of the book launching “Arabic-Hebrew Old Testament Interlinear” in the Antonine University, Babda, 29 January 2007 (ARABIC ).

29.  2005 “Monotheism, Religion and History between Ugarit and Jerusalem. Mark Smith’s Approach to the Old Testament in the light of Modern Ugarit Research”, in: Biblia 27. p. 19-21 (ARABIC ).

30.  2004 “A Recession on, Tony Maalouf, Arabs in the Shadow of Israel. The unfolding of God's Prophetic Plan for Ishmael's Line, Grand Rapids, 2003”, in: Biblia 21, p. 59 (ARABIC ).


Pastoral Articles

31.  2010 “The Inspiration of the Word of God. The Bible and its place in the Church”, in: Al-Nashrah Al-Batriarkiah 19 (2, 2010), p. 8 - 13 (ARABIC ).

32.  2009 “The Magnificat (Lk 1:46-55) and the Book of Psalms”, in: Nour 66 (1, 2009), p. 15-18 (ARABIC ).

33.  2009 “The Kiss of Judas. New Approaches on the Apocryphal Gospel”, in: Nour 65 (1, 2009), p. 17-20 (ARABIC ).

34.  2009 “Debora. A Prophetess, a Judge and a Mother”, in co-authorship with Elias Aisa. in: Nour 65 (5, 2009), p. 263 -266 (ARABIC ).

35.  2009 “Commentaries on Some Chapters from the Letters of St Paul”, in co-authorship with Amer Khamis. in: Hayatouna Al-Liturgiyah. 20 (42, 2009), p. 107-112, 125-130, 157-160, 185-190. (ARABIC ).

36.  2008 “The Birth of Emmanuel. An Interpretation of the Infancy Gospel according to Matthew”, in: Nour 64 (9, 2008), p. 464-468 (ARABIC ).

37.  2007 “Zechariah’s and Mary’s Response to God’s Emissary: Luke 1:18, 34”, in Al-Nashrah Al-Batriarkiah 16 (9, 2007), p. 4 -8 (Arabic ).

38.  2003 “Deliver us from the Evil One. Biblical Reflection on Deliverance from Evil”, in: Al-Nashrah Al-Batriarkiah 12 (5, 2003), p. 11-17 (ARABIC ).

39.  2002 “Creation in the Desert”, in: Al-Nashrah Al-Batriarkiah 11 (2, 2002), p. 20-24 (ARABIC ).

40.  2001 “The Icon of the Pantocrator”, in: Al-Nashrah Al-Batriarkiah 10 (6, 2001), p. 19-23 (ARABIC ).

41.  2001 “The Visitation of God’s Messiah. Social Work in Luke-Acts”, in: Al-Nashrah Al-Batriarkiah 10 (7, 2001), p. 18-23 (ARABIC ).

42.  1998 “The Anointing of the Sick”, in: Antiochia 6, p. 7-8 (GERMAN ).

43.  1997 “The Eucharist. The Lord's Banquet”, in: Antiochia 3, p. 7-8 (GERMAN ).



Academic Grants, Fellowships, and Associations

Member, OCABS, Orthodox Center for the Advancement of Biblical Studies, (2003-present).

Member, The Biblical Federation in Lebanon (2003-present).

Member, Society of Biblical Literature (2006-present).

Consultant for the Old Testament Pastoral Notes, The Lebanese Bible Society (2004 - 2008).

Editorial Board Member, The Arabic Journal Biblia (2004 - present).



Church Activities

Instructor, School of Theology, Archbishopric of Mount Lebanon (1999-2006).

Instructor, OCE, Archbishopric of Aleppo (2005-present).

Director, CeForTe, Archbishopric of Argentina (1999-2000).

Co-worker in the Fellowship between the Evangelical Church of Kuhrhessen-Waldeck and the Patriarchate of Antioch (1993 – present).

Lecturer and theological consultant to several parishes in Lebanon, Syria and Argentina, as well as to Orthodox and Christian Institutions, such as M.J.O., A.T.I.M.E. and SYNDESMOS (regularly).

Member of the Orthodox Youth Movement “U.J.O.” in Argentina (since the age of 15).

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