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A Meeting with the Bishop of Venezuela 25 October 2016
A Meeting with the Metropolitan of France 25 October 2016
Orientation Ceremony at the Institute of Theology 16 September 2016
كلمة العميد الإرشادية إفتتاح السنة الدراسية 2016 – 2017 07 September 2016
Saint John of Damascus Institute of Theology inaugurates the new Academic Year 06 September 2016
A Memorandum of Understanding between St John of Damascus Institute of Theology in the “University Of Balamand” and the Faculty of Religious Sciences in “Université Saint-Joseph” 06 September 2016
lecture about Christianity in China 28 April 2016
Professor Georges Tamer Lectures at the Institute of Theology 01 April 2016
Spiritual Retreat at the Beginning of Great Lent 29 March 2016
A Seminar on Family in the Holy Bible 29 March 2016
Meeting and Praying with Abbot Elisha of Mount Athos 01 March 2016
A Group Discussion on Pastoral Elderly Care 19 February 2016
A Conference on Pastoral Accompaniment of the Elderly 16 February 2016
عظة العميد في عيد المعهد 09 December 2015
The Patronal Feast Day at Saint John of Damascus Institute of Theology 09 December 2015
The Liturgical Elements in the Writings of Saint John of Damascus 09 December 2015
برنامج الاحتفال بعيد القديس يوحنا الدمشقي 02 December 2015
The Visit of Metropolitan Neophytes to Balamand 04 November 2015
Video Report on the Opening of the New Academic Year 28 September 2015
An Interview with the Dean about the Day of the Environment 28 September 2015
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