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His Beatitude Meets with the Students 25 February 2015
Lecture on St. Maximus the Confessor: The Process of the Divine Image in Man 19 February 2015
New Abbot for Balamand Monastery 18 February 2015
The launching of the series of lectures “Antioch and Liturgy” 13 February 2015
Training Seminar on Hospitality & Service Etiquette 13 February 2015
Biblical Conference in Balamand 05 February 2015
Palliative Care: Series of lectures by Professor Daniel Hinshaw 04 February 2015
Series of Lectures 2015 سلسلة محاضرات 26 January 2015
Academic Calendar 2014-2015 03 January 2015
Christmas Party at the Institute 20 December 2014
Byzantine Music Recital and the Graduation of the Online Programs 12 December 2014
The Feast of St. John of Damascus in Balamand 10 December 2014
برنامج الاحتفال بعيد القديس يوحنا الدمشقي 28 November 2014
Consecration of the “Theotokos the Life-giving Spring” Icon 07 November 2014
Theology students Meeting With the Right Reverend Archimandrite Tikhon Abbot of the Stavronikita Monastery 24 October 2014
جائزة أساتذة معهد القديس يوحنا الدمشقي اللاهوتي 20 October 2014
A Banquet in Honor of His Eminence Metropolitan Ghattas Hazim 16 October 2014
His Beatitude Patriarch John X in the welcome Dinner at the Beginning of the Academic Year 06 October 2014
The Service of the Blessing of Water & the Message of the Dean 23 September 2014
كلمة توجيهية للأب بورفيريوس جرجي عميد معهد اللاهوت في بدء السنة الدراسية 23 September 2014
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