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Byzantine Choir Concert and E-learning Programs Graduation 06 December 2016
Great Vespers for the Feast of Saint John of Damascus 06 December 2016
Book Seminar: “Arab Orthodox Christians Under the Ottomans 1516–1831” 05 December 2016
Lecture: A Melkite Protorenaissance. A forgotten Cultural Revival of Melkites in the Late 16th Century 02 December 2016
Lecture: From Antioch to America: Levantine Christianity and the New World 1500-1800 01 December 2016
The Opening Ceremony of The Orthodox Youth Movement’s 47th Annual Conference 25 November 2016
Father Viorel Sava a visiting professor at Balamand 24 November 2016
A Trip to Sidon and Tyr 24 November 2016
معهد القديس يوحنا الدمشقي اللاهوتي هو مشتل الرجال في انطاكية - تيلي لوميار 23 November 2016
عيد القديس يوحنا الدمشقي في البلمند 21 November 2016
Meeting with Bishop Martin Hein 01 November 2016
Meeting with His Beatitude 01 November 2016
A Meeting with the Bishop of Venezuela 25 October 2016
A Meeting with the Metropolitan of France 25 October 2016
Orientation Ceremony at the Institute of Theology 16 September 2016
كلمة العميد الإرشادية إفتتاح السنة الدراسية 2016 – 2017 07 September 2016
Saint John of Damascus Institute of Theology inaugurates the new Academic Year 06 September 2016
A Memorandum of Understanding between St John of Damascus Institute of Theology in the “University Of Balamand” and the Faculty of Religious Sciences in “Université Saint-Joseph” 06 September 2016
lecture about Christianity in China 28 April 2016
Professor Georges Tamer Lectures at the Institute of Theology 01 April 2016
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